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alum 10
The rear trans tunnel corner pieces needed to be trimmed and rebent to get a good fit; I trimmed a 'wedge' of about 1/4" off the bottom (1/4" off the front bottom edge, tapering to 0" at the rear bottom edge) and 'shallowed out' (rebent) the top/middle bend. Mine now fit perfectly.

Also, my tunnel top cover pieces (both long front and short rear piece) are too narrow by about 1/8" to fit over the tunnel frame, so I've just cut the sides off and am using Riv-nuts (in the 3/4" steel tubes) and stainless 10-24x1/2" panhead bolts to hold the cover on (so I can access the trans and shifter if need be).

One last nit - the right side upper 3/4" tube of my trans tunnel has a 1/8" bow in the middle, I had to trim the right side floor/tunnel side aluminum to match.
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