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Battery box - sides
I made my box with three pieces of 16 gauge 6061-T6 aluminum - two 8.5"x8.5" (plus 3/4" tabs on 3 sides) end pieces and one 12.25" long x 25.5" wide side and floor piece, bent in a U-shape and riveted together. Plenty heavy and secure for the job. You'll also need one piece 37" long and two pieces 8.75" long each of square 3/4" thin wall mild steel tubing to replace the pieces you'll need to cut out of the frame to clear the box. I also put in 1/4" drain holes in each corner of the box.

You'll also need to make a new top cover and find a way to retain it - like Forrest, I used some Dzus fasteners on the front edge and just tucked the rear edge under the overlapping rear trunk piece. If you are VERY careful when you cut the rectangular access hole from the trunk floor, you might be able to re-use the cutoff piece (but doubtful).

Other than welding in the new trunk floor tubing, cutting out the trunk floor was the toughest part, and that can be done easily (if carefully) using a Dremel or air tool with a cutoff wheel.
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