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VW647 viewsMy Personal favorite a nicely restored VW BugJan 27, 2008
He Fits542 viewsJake thought it was kool to be under the truck!Jan 27, 2008
Jake's Favorate548 viewsJake finally leaving THE truck he came to seeJan 27, 2008
The Truck572 viewsJake wanted to look over the TRUCKJan 27, 2008
582 viewsanother well built Jan 27, 2008
Mustang602 viewsNot just a mustang but a Shelby Mustang.... and a racing version too!Jan 27, 2008
A Rat Rod671 viewsOne of the popular styles now Rat RodsJan 27, 2008
Car with a Spare637 viewsNicely matched car and bikeJan 27, 2008

Random files
12/26/02 Hood Hinge bonded to the underside of the nose.191 views12/26/02 Hood Hinge bonded to the underside of the nose.
Young 44.JPG
Front Brake / P/S Lines111 viewsThis is the final installation on my dirver side front brake lind and the power steering hoses.
040119 04 Polished radiator close-outs.jpg
01/19/04 Polished aluminum panels for front quick jack close-outs171 views01/19/04 Polished aluminum panels for front quick jack close-outs
284 viewsString line running past rear tire.
jb welded.jpg
Radiator extension tube - JB Welded157 viewsRadiator extension tube - JB Welded. These need to be beaded to keep the hose from slipping off. I used safety wire and JB-Weld to create a good bead. Here's how:

3. Mix up enough JB Weld for the bead ends (you need a line about 3/4" long of resin and hardener for each end), mix well and apply over the wire. Dip a fingertip in acetone and gently work the JB Weld down into the wire, then use the rounded bottem of your fingertip to shape the JB Weld into a curved and even bead. It helps to dip your finger frequently in the acetone (wear a rubber or plastic glove), the JB Weld will flow easily.

Don't worry if the bead is not perfectly smooth or even, you can sand it later if need be.
engine 4-10-03.jpg
Front Suspension And Steering101 viewsFront Suspension And Steering