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Last additions - User galleries
VW647 viewsMy Personal favorite a nicely restored VW BugJan 27, 2008
He Fits542 viewsJake thought it was kool to be under the truck!Jan 27, 2008
Jake's Favorate548 viewsJake finally leaving THE truck he came to seeJan 27, 2008
The Truck572 viewsJake wanted to look over the TRUCKJan 27, 2008
582 viewsanother well built Jan 27, 2008
Mustang602 viewsNot just a mustang but a Shelby Mustang.... and a racing version too!Jan 27, 2008
A Rat Rod671 viewsOne of the popular styles now Rat RodsJan 27, 2008
Car with a Spare637 viewsNicely matched car and bikeJan 27, 2008

Random files - User galleries
leather door latch.jpg
I finished the door latch area in leather. Looks trick119 views
502 viewsRubber D/S floor mat. Note Allen head bolts (2) to keep from sliding forward and / or out.
dvsf iii 019.jpg
Off to London we go65 views
alvarez 36.jpg
New Design Main Clamps124 viewsNote: I will replace this picture with one showing a finished main frame, when I finish this main frame.
This is a view of the new designed main clamps and the new location of the side clamp. It is now mounted in the main frame under the mechanisn mount rather than being mounted to the mechanism mount, and shown in view 16.
030816 17 dad priming.jpg
08/16/03 Priming the body98 views08/16/03 Priming the body
whitby soft top2.jpg
New Whitby prototype Soft top as fitted to Earl's car98 viewsNew Whitby prototype Soft top as fitted to Earl's car
AC Pedals.jpg
I painted the pedals RED then polished the face to bring out the letters300 views
trans tunnel alum.jpg
Rear trans tunnel aluminum 1146 viewsThe rear trans tunnel corner pieces needed to be trimmed and rebent to get a good fit; I trimmed a 'wedge' of about 1/4" off the bottom (1/4" off the front bottom edge, tapering to 0" at the rear bottom edge) and 'shallowed out' (rebent) the top/middle bend. Mine now fit perfectly.

Also, my tunnel top cover pieces (both long front and short rear piece) are too narrow by about 1/8" to fit over the tunnel frame, so I've just cut the sides off and am using Riv-nuts (in the 3/4" steel tubes) and stainless 10-24x1/2" panhead bolts to hold the cover on (so I can access the trans and shifter if need be).

One last nit - the right side upper 3/4" tube of my trans tunnel has a 1/8" bow in the middle, I had to trim the right side floor/tunnel side aluminum to match.