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Main Frame Molds 2.JPG
Main Frame Molds - First Parts69 viewsThis is the first main frame upper and lower layups that were made in the molds. My mold release didn't work well and the colored resin bonded to the mold is a few areas. I think I need more practice to do a better job. The parts made can be used, it will just take more time to do the final finish this time.
Main Frame Molds 1.JPG
Main Frame Molds62 viewsThis view is of the main frame molds I made to be able to make main frames with out the use of the car. I hope to be driving mine one day and don't want to tie it up making main frames for each top.
Santos 136.JPG
Mai Frame - Weather Strip59 viewsThis view is the weather stripping that goes on the bottom of the main frame.
Sabata 87.JPG
Main Frame - Final Coating69 viewsAfter all the fit up is done, the main frame is final coated in black colored resin. I put it on in three areas, bottom, front and back and each area gets at least three coats.
Sabata 80.JPG
Recessed Snaps67 viewsPart of the fabric unsnaps and folds over the bows to eliminate possible damage to the fabric during fold down. I make the snaps flush in the main frame, by embedding the snap socket. This eliminates the bulge of the surface mounted snap stud in these areas. That makes a much bettter looking corner in the fabric when the top is up.
Sabata 20.JPG
Main Clamps68 viewsThis view is of my modified main clamps. The mounting bracket is made from 1/4" x 1" alumimum flat bar. The hook is 1/8" x 1" aluminum flat bar. The bolt is 5/16 stainless with a wing nut, flat washer and rubber washer. The stainless bolt is flattened and riveted to the hook. The hook has a rubber pad glued on. The clamp mounting bracket is attached to the main frame with two 1/4 - 20 stainless bolts threaded into the fiberglass.
Fred 3.JPG
Fiberglass Layup - Upper Layers79 viewsThere are two pieces of 1/2" plywood, on each side, cut to fit on the narrow part of the body behind the doors. There is another piece of 1/2" plywood cut to shape and placed on top of the body at the back of the cockpit. It is positioned to be flush on the inside to make a smooth surface on the front of the main frame. The plywood is attached to the lower portion with resin. The edges of the plywood are smoothed. There are then three more layers of resin and cloth applied to finish off the lay up.
Fred 2.JPG
Fiberglass Layup - Bottom Layers77 viewsThe body and interior are masked off. The body is protected with blue painter's masking tape. The boundaries are made by placing short pieces of 1/4" thick aluminum bar stock on the tape and then taping over the bars. Three coats of colored resin are applied and allowed to cure followed by three layers of cloth and resin.
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