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Kerekes 117.JPG
117 - Finished Top Rear View212 viewsA rear view of the finished top.
Kerekes 116.JPG
116 - Finished Top Side View98 viewsA side view of the finished top.
Kerekes 115.JPG
115 - Finished Top Front97 viewsA frontal view of the finished top.
Kerekes 114.JPG
114 - Window Latch Plates Mounted88 viewsThis view shows the window latch catch plate mounted to the main mount attaching bolts. Note the mirror to show the back side view.
Kerekes 113.JPG
113 - Window Latch Catch Plate82 viewsThis view shows the parts of the side window latch catch plates. Above are the 1/4 - 20 nuts and washers that mount them to the main mount bolts, in the center are the strike plates and mounting bolts.
Kerekes 112.JPG
112 - Finished Side Windows87 viewsThis is a view of the finished side window.
Kerekes 111.JPG
111 -1 Lower Velcro Tabs On Screen81 viewsThis view shows the smaller velcro tabs I installed on the lower part of the back window screen to hold it tight to the back of the top.
Kerekes 110.JPG
110 - Center Latch87 viewsThis shows the completed center latch. This is only used during severe weather (rain) to help seal the top of the windshield.
Kerekes 109.JPG
109 - Window/Windwing Locking Pins85 viewsThis shows the locking pins that keep the windwings and windows locked together.
Kerekes 108.JPG
108 - Main Frame Recesses Snaps Installed82 viewsThis shows the recessed snap sockets installed. There is a small amount of the colored resin put in the holes before the snap socket is installed to cover any raw fiberglass or plywood that might otherwise show around them.
Kerekes 107.JPG
107 - Side Windows, Silicone Sealed82 viewsThis shows the masking and the silicone for the side windows.
Kerekes 106.JPG
106 - Main Frame Final Finish, Top & Back77 viewsThis view shows the top and back of the main frame with the final finish coat of colored resin applied. I will put on at least one more application on the upper surfaces. Then I will install the hardware. I put some colored resin in the holes before putting the recessed snap sockets and screws in place.
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