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Kerekes 105.JPG
105 - Main Frame Final Finish, Bottom89 viewsThis shows the bottom of the main frame with the final finish of colored resin applied. I had mixed a little extra so I also coated the front before it cured in the mixing can.
Kerekes 104.JPG
104 - Back Window, Silicone Installed74 viewsThis shows the back window with the masking and silicone installed. It needs to cure for a day or two before I strip off the masking and make sure the polish, of the aluminum frame, is in good shape. Note the cardboard has all of the hardware from the main frame. This keeps me from loosing any of it, and insures that I have finished polishing it all before I reinstall it, after the final coating is applied to the main frame.
Kerekes 103.JPG
103 - Back Window Cover81 viewsThis view shows the finished back window cover.
Kerekes 102.JPG
102 - Corner Fill Void Plate79 viewsThis view shows the corner fill void plate that allows the silicone to be put in to seal the corners of the windshield. The silicone goes between the plate and the area with the masking tape.
Kerekes 101.JPG
101 - Top cover, Rear View81 viewsThis shows the finished tp cover from the rear.
Kerekes 100.JPG
100 - Top Cover, Front89 viewsThis shows the finished top cover from the front.
Kerekes 99.JPG
99 - Top Cover Tabs84 viewsThis view shows the tabs that attach to the top cover and hold it on the main frame. The two at the top of the picture hold the back tight from side to side, the three in the middle hold the front up to the main frame, the two on the left hold the outside of the end cap, the next two hold the inside of the end cap and the two on the right hold the outer corners of the front to the outside and back to form the inside corners at the end caps. The top of the picture shows the trim around the top cover.
Kerekes 98.JPG
98 - Back Window Cable75 viewsThis view shows a close up of the anchor point of the cable that runs around the back window opeining, to maintain tension in the fabric. The cable passes through a hole in the main frame, around two # 10 screws and the end "ducks" in another hole.
Kerekes 97.JPG
97 - Top Cover Being Fitted75 viewsThis shows the top cover sewn and being fit to the top and main frame.
Kerekes 96.JPG
96 - Back Window Screen - Outside86 viewsThis shows the outside view of the screen with the window in place.
Kerekes 95.JPG
95 - Back Window w/Screen - Inside80 viewsThis shows the screen and back window in place. There is a picture earlier showing the window without the screen. Either or both can be in place.
Kerekes 94.JPG
77 viewsThis shows the back window screen installed with out the window. This allows fresh air to circulate without getting debris or insects in the car. This works when parked as well as when dirving.
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