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Kerekes 69.JPG
69 - Recessed Snaps85 viewsThis view is of the recessed snap sockets. I do this to eliminate the bump in the fabric when the snap is surface mounted. This is only important in the back where the fabric goes around the corner of the main frame.
Kerekes 68.JPG
68 - Header Lip Seal85 viewsThis shows the header lip seal. Note that it is attached to the corner fill brackets under the ends of the header. When the window recess is finished it will have a snap here on the out side and another on the inside that is not shown here.
Kerekes 67.JPG
67 - Belt Fit Up77 viewsThis view shows the belt, that covers the snaps and screws around the back of the top, being fit to the main frame.
Kerekes 66.JPG
66 - Fitting Window Recesses99 viewsThis view shows the end of the window recesses, and the header lip seal, that are being fit to the frame at the header and main frame. After I get them properly fit I take the fabric off and sew them in place. The next time I put on the fabric I can finalize the fit of the window frames.
Kerekes 65.JPG
65 - Header Pad Installed81 viewsThis view shows the header pad installed. This is a strip of felt that pads the fabric to help prevent damage to the fabric in the event it is struck by road debris, or large insects.
Kerekes 64.JPG
64 - Header Pad Masking80 viewsThis view shows the masking I put on to keep the spray adhesive off what it is not supposed to be on.
Kerekes 63.JPG
63 - Upper Hinge82 viewsThis shows the upper hinge and the locking tab, that fits inside the upper windwing mounting bracket, to keep the window from lifting off the hinge pins.
Kerekes 62.JPG
62 - Lower Hinge99 viewsThis shows the new lower hinge. It still has to be polished on the edges and it still has to have the 1/8" hole drilled for the locking pin.
Kerekes 61.JPG
61 - Angles (and Screws) Under Header77 viewsThis view shows the angles that go under the header which hold the fabric and weather strip in place and keep the windshield from miss aligning with the header. There will be a piece of Vinyl trim put on the edge of the fabric.
Kerekes 60.JPG
60 - Fitting Fabric (II)83 viewsThis is the side as the fabric is being fitted. Note that the snap sockets will be recessed into the main frame and the snap caps will be covered by a fabric belt. The window opeinings are being marked to fit the frames. After sewing the window recesses in place the frames may have to be reshaped slightly.
Kerekes 59.JPG
59 - Fitting Fabric To Frame (I)78 viewsThis shows the fabric being fitted to the mechanism at the header, main frame and window openings.
Kerekes 58.JPG
58 - Fitting Fabric78 viewsThis shows the fabrc being fitted to the header and main frame. The seams between the back panel and the two side panels are not yet done, also the window recesses are not sewn on yet.
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