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Kerekes 57.JPG
57 - Window Recess Detail Sketch72 viewsThe diagram shows the five individual pieces that make up the window recesses. These sew on window opening and allow the windows to close flush for less wind noise and better rain protection.
Kerekes 56.JPG
56 - Back Panel & Window Recesses92 viewsThe upper piece in the picture is the back panel with the widow cut out and the vinyl trim sewn on. Note the small plastic tube that the steel cable goes into. Below that are the two window recesses.
Kerekes 55.JPG
55 - Material Cut Out82 viewsThis shows the four main panels of the top cut out.
Kerekes 54.JPG
54 - Top Patterns Side78 viewsThis view shows the profile that the top will have when finished. After the fabric is sewn and put on the mechanism, the top of the side windows will pull up to form a slight curve. I will reshape the frame to fit the window opening and then make the plastic fit the frame.
Kerekes 53.JPG
53 - Top Patterns, Rear85 viewsThis is a view of the back of the patterns I use to cut and sew the fabric. The center top and back pieces are plastic patterns that are close enough I can use them on different tops. The side patterns are made of newspaper taped together and have to be made for each top.
Kerekes 52.JPG
52 - Window Frames, Rough Fit85 viewsThis shows the side window frames roughly formed. After the fabric is sewn, and the window recesses attached, I find that the window opining changes slightly so, I do a final re shaping of the frames to make them fit the fabric. Then I make the plastic fit the frame. The masking tape at the bottom of the frame is holding the 1/4" shims to the body, that gives the correct clearance for the weather strip and weather seal.
Kerekes 51.JPG
51 - Corner Fill Bracket76 viewsThis image shows the corner fill bracket. This piece fills in the rounded corners of the windshield frame. When I get the fabric on there are two screws that attach to this bracket that hold the outer fabric tight, towards the front, and holds the front of the window recess forward. Note the bottom view in the mirror.
Kerekes 50.JPG
50 - Lower Hinge81 viewsThis view shows the lower hinge bracket with the pin and window hinge. The window hinge will be screwed to the frame. Note the back side view in the mirror showing the "J" hook.
Kerekes 49.JPG
49 - Upper Hinge79 viewsThis view shows the upper hinge bracket with the pin and window hinge. The window hinge will get screwed to the frame. Note the back view in the mirror showing the "J" hook on the back side.
Kerekes 48.JPG
48 - Lower Hinge Bracket82 viewsThis shows the lower hinge bracket. There are also "J" and "L" hooks to keep it in place for fit up. Like the upper hinge, the hinge pin is in place for this view.
Kerekes 47.JPG
47 - Upper Hinge Bracket78 viewsThis shows the upper hinge bracket. There is a "J" hook that goes aroung the back side of the support post and an "L" hook on the front. That allows the brackets to snap in place on my car for the fit up. On the owner's car there will be a screw to hold it securely in place. Note that the hinge pins are in place.
Kerekes 46.JPG
46 - Hinge Pins and Brace Rods.82 viewsThis picture shows the 3/16" stainless rod that has been cut and threaded to make the hinge pins. While I was threading, I made the threaded rods for the window bracees.
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