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Kerekes 21.JPG
21 - Header Clamps Installed74 viewsThis photo shows the header clamps installed. Obvioulsy the holes for the locating pins on top of the windshield have been drilled in the bottom of the header. Note also that the upper center clamp bracket is attached to the header.
Kerekes 20.JPG
20- Main Mounts80 viewsThis view shows the main mounts cut from the aluminum angle. One of them has been smoothed in the cut areas. Later, these areas will be polished. The holes for mounting the mount to the main frame and attaching the mechamism will be installed next.
Kerekes 19.JPG
19 - Header Clamps77 viewsThis shows the polished and assembled header clamps. Also shown is the lay out for the main mounts. I usually use a smaller aluminum angle but the supplier only had this size available when I went to get the material. I usually buy already cut pieces to make hauling them home easier since I only have a car for the transportation.
Kerekes 18.JPG
18 - Header Clamp Brackets73 viewsThis image shows the header clamp brackets installed on the top of the windshield frame. The outer two mount bolts also act as the header locating pins.
Kerekes 17.JPG
17 - Header Clamps, Rough93 viewsThe header clamps are cut out, filed/sanded to shape and fit with the pivot pin. They now need to be polished and have the pins set. To set the pins I pien the ends so they can't come out of the holes.
Kerekes 16.JPG
16 - Main Frame Repairs74 viewsWhen the main frame came out of the molds some of the colored resin stayed bonded to the mold and some of the final coat on the mold came off on the main frame. I had to sand quite a bit off to get a smooth surface so I am adding a couple top layers of cloth to replace the strenght I sanded off.
Kerekes 15.JPG
15 - Header Clamp Brackets67 viewsThis view shows the finished header clamp brackets and the hardware to mount them. Shown also is the layout of the header clamps.
Kerekes 14.JPG
14 - Header Clamp Brackets77 viewsThe header clamps are made by punching up the center outer portion. This allows the bracket to be parallel to the bottom of the header when it is in the up postion at the windshield.
Kerekes 13.JPG
13 - Point C76 viewsThis is the loction of Point C. It is one of the points I need to set the windshied angle the same as the owner's car.
Kerekes 12.JPG
12 - Windwing Mount Holes74 viewsThe location of the windwing mounting holes is needed so I can make the window/windwing hinge brackets fit in the same location. The hige plates are then located on the window frame to fit with these holes.
Kerekes 11.JPG
9 - Main Clamps - Bonding Rubber73 viewsThe rubber pads are glued in and clamped over night until the glue dries.
Kerekes 10.JPG
10- Main Frame - Clamps Removed70 viewsThe bonding resin is cured and the clamps have been removed.
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