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Kerekes 8.JPG
8 - Maim Frame Bonded72 viewsThis is a shot of the upper and lower main frame sections being bonded together.
Kerekes 80.JPG
80 - Window Brace Components73 viewsThis shows the inner parts of the window brace assembled and ready to be inserted in the 3/8" stailess tube. The inner parts are two 3/16" stainless round rod, a spring, some nylon glide bushings, a quick disconnect, the window mount bracket, some nylon and rubber washers, some 1/16" stainless pins and some stainless nuts.
Kerekes 81.JPG
81 - Window Brace Installed76 viewsThis view is of the window brace installed on the window and connected to the door bracket, at the quick disconnect.
Kerekes 82.JPG
82 - Window Brace75 viewsThis view shows the brace holding the window open while the door is open. As the door closes the brace allows the window to close with out binding on the door.
Kerekes 83.JPG
83 - Rear Window Frame Parts82 viewsThs shows the frame members for the back window cut and ready to be assembled. I need to cut some 45 degree pieces of 1/4" x 1/2" aluminum flat bar to keep the corners aligned. Finally there is a # 6 - 32 screw in each corner.
Kerekes 84.JPG
84 - Rear Window Frame - I75 viewsThis view shows the top corner of the back window. A # 6 - 32 screw goes into the snap stud (shown in the mirror) to hold the corner together. Note the 1/4" aluminum fill piece (the mirror again) inside the corner. The tab on the outside is there to help attach the snap socket that will be on a fabric tab attached to the top and holds the window tight to the back.
Kerekes 85.JPG
85 - Rear Wiondow Frame - II84 viewsThis view shows the bottom corner of the rear window frame. The corner is held with a 6 - 32 screw and a Nylock nut on the inside (seen in the mirror). Note the piece of 1/4" aluminum material in the corner (the mirror again).
Kerekes 86.JPG
86 - Back Window - Outside77 viewsThis shows a view of the back window from the outside. There will be some stick-on foam weatehr strip put on the bottom after the frame is polished.
Kerekes 87.JPG
87 - Back Window - Inside71 viewsThis is a view of the inside of the back window. Note the snap tab on the bottom in the center, which holds the window down, and the two snap tabs at the top corners, which holds the window against the fabric.
Kerekes 89.JPG
88 - Rear Window Pins81 viewsThis view shows the pins that hold the rear window in position on the main frame. Note the 1/4" material inside that the pin screws into and the # 6 - 32 screw that holds it in place.
Kerekes 88.JPG
89 - Side Window - Weather Seal Strip78 viewsThis shows the aluminum part of the weather seal strip, the rubber is not in place. This is held to the bottom member of the side window with # 6 - 32 screws. These were the last items to be put in before the plastic can be laid out and marked for cutting.
Kerekes 11.JPG
9 - Main Clamps - Bonding Rubber73 viewsThe rubber pads are glued in and clamped over night until the glue dries.
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