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Sabata 31.JPG
BOWS ATTACHED TO THE MECHANISM140 viewsThis shows the bows attached to the mechanism.
Santos 31.JPG
FORMING BOWS87 viewsThis is a view of the bows being formed. I bend them by hand, in a vise, and check the curvature on a pattern on the plywood.
Santos 34.JPG
BOW MOUNT - COMPLETED89 viewsThis view shows the three #8 - 32 attaching screws that connect the bow mount to the bow.
Vinny 33.JPG
REAR BOW MOUNT106 viewsThe rear bow mount is attached to the mechanism and being fit to the bow.
Sabata 22.JPG
MECHANISM AT HEADER AND MAIN FRAME94 viewsThis view shows the header and main frame connections being fit.
Santos 22.JPG
MAIN MOUNTS - FINISHED97 viewsThese are main mounts with the final finish applied. This is done after all of the fit up and while the main frame is being final coated with colored resin.
Sabata 91.JPG
MAIN MOUNT - FINISHED93 viewsThis view shows the main mount with the mechanism and the window catch plate installed.
Sabata 19.JPG
MAIN MOUNT - ROUGH IN101 viewsThis view shows the main mount being fitted to the main frame. The location is found after the windshield angle is set and the header connection in made. The main mount is attached with two 1/4 - 20 bolts w/countersunk heads from the bottom of the main frame.
Sabata 27.JPG
HEADER LINK - STANDARD95 viewsThis is a standard header connection link.
Santos 26.JPG
QUICK DISCONNECT LINK - INSTALLED95 viewsTis is one of the quick disconnect links in the "top up" position.
Santos 25.JPG
QUICK DISCONNECT LINK - PARTS88 viewsThis view shows the components of one of the header quick disconnect links, and one of the links assembled.
vinny 81.jpg
Quick Disconnect Header134 viewsThis image is of the top down, without the top cover in place, and shows the added space for the high back seats.
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