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Mustang602 viewsNot just a mustang but a Shelby Mustang.... and a racing version too!
Car with a Spare637 viewsNicely matched car and bike
My new 347cu engine150 viewsbored and stroked 347cu engine
1965 650 BSA179 viewsRebuilt it completely and welded on a hard tail. Together we covered about 180,000 miles all over the east coast... just crusing the highways.
Then messed up the dual points timing - blew a piston - had to find one in England ... rebuilt the engine again... and sold the bike
Dirt Track Days156 viewsFrom my dirt track days - an old mini modified - BOY could that car fly! Dump the clutch and the front end lifed off the ground! Foot to the floor and hang on!
An old porsche 935177 viewsMy son and I were working on an old porsche 935
Old Service Station148 viewsSome of the roof is coming apart but the building is still standing
870 viewsFuel pressure regulator and gauge.
502 viewsRubber D/S floor mat. Note Allen head bolts (2) to keep from sliding forward and / or out.
453 viewsRubber floor matting and 1/8" masonite board ready to be made into a floor mat for the driver side foot box.
Front view279 viewsMy new all grain brew system.

Pump control in white box, will later be temperature controlled with a Ranco ETC.

Top is Hot water tank, middle cooler is the Mash/Lauter Tun, and bottom is the boil kettle.
Rear view237 viewsYou can see water supply - filtered, with three taps, cooling at bottom , washing in middle and kettle/HLT supply at top
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