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401 viewsArea outside steering wheel before auxilary fuse panel installation.
411 viewsAuxilary fuse panel mounted outside steering wheel.
409 viewsAuxilary fuse panel mounted outside steering wheel.
Young 53.JPG
Fues Panel Mounted (I)97 viewsI decided to mount my fuse panel to the left of the steering wheel and face to the rear, rather than down. Obvioulsly I am planning on something different for my dash, more on that at a later date. Note the mount I made on the top of the fuse box for the emergency flasher, and that I have reversed the location of the turn signal flasher to facilitate solidly mounting the panel.
Young 45.JPG
P/S Line Mount Bracket88 viewsThis is how I mounted the Power Steering lines to keep them away from the steering shaft U-Joint. I made a bracket out of a 1/8" x 3/4" x 3/4" aluminum angle, 3/4" long, for the upper line and a piece of 1/8" x 3/4" flat bar, attached to the angle, for the lower line.
Young 44.JPG
Front Brake / P/S Lines111 viewsThis is the final installation on my dirver side front brake lind and the power steering hoses.
13 inch wheel.jpg
I installed a 13inch Grant Steering wheel for more leg room103 views
Young 39.JPG
Steering Shaft105 viewsAlthough a dark image, this shows the routing I chose for my tilt column steering shaft. I wanted to keep the power steering pump in it's stock location, at least for now. I removed the FFR center mount and made my own to mount the center pillow block. I used 3/16" aluminum for the main mount bracket and attached it to the chasis with 1/8" aluminum flat bar clips that have rubber isolators all aroiund to help eliminate any chassis vibration from affecting the steering feel.
Young 32.JPG
Steering Shaft144 viewsI am useing the Tilt Shaft and made the brackets to mount the column. There is a "Saddle Bracket" at the 2 x 2, a "U-Bolt" at the pedal box and an un-seen bracket behnd the foot box front plate that mounts the pillow block to the foot box.
1st Go Cart Ride176 viewsTony and I going down the street during first Go-Cart Ride, Notice the lack of seats and seatbelts. We never went over 20MPH. The Power Steering isn't working either. I think the Heidt's Prop. Valve may not be working (i.e. Stuck Open)
031215 03 torque seal applied to joints.jpg
12/15/03 Torque Seal added to all fasteners on the steering shafts170 views12/15/03 Torque Seal added to all fasteners on the steering shafts
031215 02 strait steering wheel.jpg
12/15/03 Steering wheel adjusted to be strait125 views12/15/03 Steering wheel adjusted to be strait
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